Windows XP & Windows Product Activation.

1 Sep

Performance and maintenance

Windows XP provides tools and programs designed to keep your computer safe, manage your system, and perform regularly scheduled maintenance that keeps your computer running at optimum performance. Learn how to free up disk space, restore your system, create regularly scheduled tasks, and more.

About Windows XP activation
To know Your Windows Activation, Running this from your computer :
start-run-copy script below

%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
and we will see Windows Product Activation.

Windows is already activated. Click OK to exit

Jika suatu saat Windows Xp muncul seperti gambar dibawah ini berarti ada masalah dengan Windows Product Activation anda.


Gunakan Produk Anti WPA seperti yang pernah dicoba disini

Or you can try to use this crack in
Windows 2003 & XP SP2
Anti Product Activation Crack 1.2

The crack will patch some bytes in your
winlogon.exe and totally disable the
Windows Product Activation.
Nothing else will changed.
Tested with winlogon.exe builds:
Windows XP (5.1) 2600.0 (Retail)
Windows XP (5.1) 2600.1106 (SP1)
Windows XP (5.1) 2600.2096 (SP2)
Windows 2K3(5.2) 3790.0 (Retail)


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